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This article by @kellypagesix in the Sun this morning kind of annoyed me, enough to actually blog. (even though Bob might not agree with my bitch bloggin) To be fair, it was great that Kelly wrote about podcasting and Roger Kingkade used the PVR analogy, but to call Mr Kingkade the “king of the podcast“, well that’s just wrong.

So who is the King of the Podcast in Calgary? Is it me, Daryl Cognito, because I’ve been producing for 5 years, is it Eric, for shear volume, or is it Saturday Morning Poke for being full of awesome? Of is it someone I haven’t mentioned?

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RSS and you

On July 25, 2009, in podcasting, by admin

RSS and you, and lively discussion about the value of the RSS feed

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This episode Brendan from <a href=””>Mungo</a> talks to us about pod-Conferencing

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Why aren’t you doing this!

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First, I appologize that there was no audio from the last meet up. The Planned presentation did not happen due to me forgetting to bring speakers.

When I was moving the directory over to the new site I noticed something, there are a number of podcasts that don’t use Feedburner. In a nut shell feedburner takes your source feed and tweaks it by adding key components and elements. It also allows you to track your readers/listeners/downloads. Feedburner does a lot of really cool things, but the best, imho is that it allows you a lot more control. Once you sign up for feedburner and have an account you simply drop the link to your source feed in and burn it. Now lets say a year or so down the road you change things or god forbid lose your domain or change blogging services what do you do? All of your listeners are subscribed to your old feed, now you have to get the word out and ask everyone to change over. Unless your are using feedburner. If you have an account you simple sign in and change the source feed to the new address. All of the changes are on the back end, your listener will never know anything happened.

Feedburner will tweak the feed for itunes and other readers, track downloads and subscribers, and it lets you easily change the source feed. So I ask you, why are you not using this?

Daryl Cognito

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Directory Updates

On March 17, 2009, in directory, podcasting, by admin

wo new shows this week. First in the Education catagory…

TDK talks TM

TDK-talks-TM© is a bi-weekly podcast for Toastmasters about Toastmasters and their speaking activities. An educational series, accented with humor, satire and analogies, it is a collection of tips, tricks and techniques produced by host TDK who himself is a Toastmaster of approximately 10 years and currently is Area 45 Governor, Division J, District 42 of Alberta and Saskatchewan in the “Great White North” of Canada. TDK, with the support of his home club, Silver Springs Toastmasters, has reached the ACB, CL, (Advanced Communicator Bronze, Competent Leader) level. This audio media series is designed to augment TDK’s efforts in his role as Area Governor to his 5 clubs and closely follows the activities thru the Toastmaster year. Though the target audience is Toastmasters and clubs everywhere, guests wanting to know more about Toastmasters International © can also peruse it. Feedback is always welcome from the many evaluators of the global village.

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And in Entertainment for podCALGARY founder Sean J we have…

The BFF Show

All The BFF Show is a conversation podcast hosted by Sean J (formerly from All Axis Radio) and Mikey (from Public Nuisance Radio). Discussing topics, exchanging opinions and a whole lot of old-fasioned ball busting.
As an international show (Sean is from Alberta and Mikey is from Nebraska), the opinions, points of view and experiences are unique – yet oddly related.
Discover some new music, follow the show’s interactive format, or get involved in the live call-in shows.

Fabricated facts based on spontaneous research: The BFF Show – it’s an hour of shit.

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Remember if you are a or now of a Calgary podcast we’d love to list them here.

Daryl Cognito

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The Watercooler

On March 11, 2009, in social media, by admin

The way I see it, Facebook is like dinner out with a friend. You have time to catch up, see what each other is doing, share pictures of the dog and the kids, make some witty jokes and maybe even make a date to get together for dinner. Twitter on the other hand is like that water cooler or coffee room at work. A place for very quick conversations. “Hey did you see lost last nigh WTF is up with Sawyer? “Hows your day going, did you finish that project?” “Do you need help on that report?” Little updates to keep us connected to each other. But Twitter, or more to the point the people have seem to be joining twitter are changing

Let’s take that water cooler idea a little further, imagine that you are at the water cooler and here comes Sally. You’ve worked with Sally only for a little while but see seems nice, you know she has a couple of kids, a love of knitting and a good sense of humor. However, when Sally get to the water cooler she whips out a box of girl guide cookies and start talking you into buying them. It’s for he kids so you buy but feel a bit pressured. If it keeps up you eventually avoid Sally. Now imagine you just started working with Nick. You don’t know much about Nick, but he is coming your way so you stop and listen. Your expecting a “hi how are you” or a quote from his favorite movie or even a link to an LOLcat, but that’s not what you get. All of a sudden Nick start yelling at you about HOW EXCITED HE IS ABOUT HIS NEW BUSINESS AND HOW EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT AND YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT HIS SITE!!!!. You will like lock your office door when you see Nick

I am starting to see this more and more on Twitter. and this article kinda points to why. I my opinion Twitter is not about self promotion but more and more people are joining with that as their only goal that they are starting to drown out the conversation. Yes you can choose to not follow or to unfollow but some of it sneaks in through people you like following most of the time (I’m talking about followfriday). If everyone ends up self promoting on twitter then no one will be listening.

Twitter is very similar to the way most of our interaction occurs in the “real world”. Don’t believe me on that one? Make notes on the conversations you have through out the day with coworkers, coffee shop employees, in line at the store. You’ll notice that most conversations are under a couple of minutes and rarely get deep and heart felt. (This is why I love twitter, I see so much value in those quick connections we make everyday they are part of what helps us stay grounded.)

I am finding that I am spending more time blocking new twitters with nothing but links in their updates, and un-following people with tons of #followfriday name dropping. As more and more people “leverage the power” of twitter to sell their books , t shirts, how to make a million on twitter ebooks then less people will be bothered to join and participate in twitter. And then it just becomes another place on the web were the only people there are the salesmen trying to sell to each other. I would imagine that is what an Amway convention is like. So I am asking you, if you are going join the conversation, bring something to the party other than your opinions of you


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Directory updates

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He’s back, just when you thought it was safe to listen to Celene Dion again, Mr Rock & Roll is back to kick the crap out of you ear drums.

High Voltage Rock

A podcast playing ONLY kick-ass, high energy Rock & Roll, no exceptions !!
Hosted b: Mr. Rock & Roll Less Talk + More Rock = 95% less suckage. And more leather pants and big hair than any other Calgary Podcast.

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And in the Entertainment section in now complete with the addition of…

Vicious Ambitious

A Calgary-based group of independent comic creators, discuss and review comics, movies and television shows. Bi-weekly.

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And if you are into Gaming don’t miss out on these guys…

Diablo Minute Podcast
All things Diablo and Blizzard games. Stories and memories of the decade long series with discussions on upcoming developments and announcements. For Fans, By Fans, One Minute at a Time.

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The GamerWok Hour blends today’s latest in gaming and tech news in a fresh and exciting format. Hosted by Nguy and Andrew from and distributed every Monday morning. Take a Wok on the Geek side! (Good Clean Fun)

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On February 16, 2009, in podcast, social media, by admin

A panel discussion at Calgary’s first twestival

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